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Logistics & Supply Chain

Dunyo Cargo provides specialized, customized and competitive transport and logistics solutions for your supply chain. Our company is  provider of 4PL and LLP services, freight management, transport management and supply chain solutions.

Our goal is to optimize and improve your supply chain, as well as help you gain a competitive advantage.

Use the products below to find the solution that best suits your business.

Project Cargo

Simple solution to complex projects. Project cargo is a complex, multi-stage type of delivery of large, heavy, high-value or critical units of equipment. The organization of freight forwarding requires a specialized step by step solution, which includes the coordination of rou...


The best solutions in warehouse logistics. Warehouse is one of the important elements of an integrated supply chain. Warehouse services in the logistics system are widely used in order to collect and complete the cargo, to unitize and consolidate it, crossdocking goo...

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