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Human remains repatriation

This is a special service intended for the safe transportation of the body or ashes of a deceased person to the place of burial. We guarantee that the body or the ashes of the deceased will be treated with the utmost dignity, as well as with full care at all stages of the air transport. This service is provided airport to airport.

Our specialists have experience in the preparation and registration of all necessary documents, and also have knowledge of the requirements and formalities of various countries for the procedure of repatriation of the body or ashes of the deceased.

Required documents for repatriation of the deceased:


  • Copy of burial permission
  • Medical death certificate
  • Death certificate issued by civil registry offices
  • Embalming certificate from an authorized funeral house
  • Copy of the passport / ID of the deceased
  • Copy of passport / ID of the shipper or accompanying person
  • Full information about the Consignee / passport number / phone number
  • Confirmation document from the embassy / consulate of the country of nationality of the deceased (in case of international repatriation)
  • Customs declaration (in case of international repatriation)
  • Air waybill

Range of services:


  • Preparation of necessary documents for transportation
  • Provision of special coffins, urns or containers, providing the possibility of safe transportation of the body or ashes of the deceased
  • The preparation of the coffin in accordance with international criteria
  • Handling and loading operations
  • Customs clearance
  • Air transportation to almost any airport in the world.

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