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Office Relocation

Relocation for business.

Office relocation is quite a complicated and time-consuming process, requiring a professional approach. Self-relocation can turn into a real headache for every company manager. Often, the wrong approach when organizing an office relocation causes disruptions and unexpected downtime, unanticipated time and money waste, and a decrease in the productivity of the entire business.

By choosing a specialized moving company, you can balance your costs with potential losses.


The value of a Dunyo commercialMoving product lies in minimizing losses for your business and your physical assets. Dunyo Cargo will reduce the loss of working time and excess costs of office relocation. Your furniture, office equipment, documents, library will be correctly packed, transported and placed on the new address so that you will not even feel the move. To this end, our experienced manager will plan and coordinate with you all the necessary work in accordance with your work schedule. Using Dunyo commercialMoving, you can be sure that all the property of your organization will be delivered to a new place safely as per the preset schedule.

Not only offices can benefit from our moving services. Our solution is also suitable for trade enterprises, medical institutions, laboratories, libraries, industrial workshops, museums, etc. 



  • Dedicated team to move
  • Certified Appraisal Manager
  • Professional movers and packers
  • Own warehouses for storage and processing of office property
  • Phased planning of the relocation schedule for the smooth operation of the client
  • Individual solutions for a specific move
  • Professional assessment of workload and consultation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Availability of special equipment, boxes, crates, pallets, computer capsules, packaging materials
  • Experience in providing office relocation services for more than 10 years.


  • Dismantling and assembly of furniture
  • Packaging and transportation of office furniture
  • Moving electronic devices, office equipment
  • Placement of property and furniture as per your request
  • Document archiving, certified shredding
  • Room cleaning from all used packaging materials, removal of debris
  • Temporary and medium-term storage of property in stock.

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