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Perishable Goods

When freshness is crucial.

Delivery of perishable goods is a particularly delicate process that requires a professionally organized logistics cold chain, taking into account many factors. In order to maintain the commercial characteristics of the cargo during their transportation, a number of conditions are imposed: strict observance of the temperature mode, increased requirements for transport and transshipment points, maximum protection of the cargo against damage, and short transit times.

Dunyo FreshCargo is a single technological process that provides storage and transportation of perishable goods on time and in full safety in special vehicles in strict accordance with the temperature conditions along the whole route. The main purpose of this service is to deliver the goods maintaining the presentation and preserving its consumer qualities and shelf life. This product is available in both air and road transport. Our global logistics network can offer you fast connections to more than 300 airports in the world, and land transportation in Frigo trucks will provide you with full control of the temperature mode. We will ensure that your shipment is delivered to the addressee in perfect condition.



  • Knowledge and strict observance of the rules for the transport of perishable goods of all groups
  • Delivery of perishable goods by all modes of transport, either multimodal or direct
  • Compliance with the terms and temperature regimes of perishable goods taking into account the conditions of transportation for specific types of transport
  • Priority booking of space for transportation
  • Increased requirements for the preperation of documents
  • Fast delivery and order processing times, a wide range of service packs suitable for the individual needs of each client
  • Door to door delivery
  • Availability of information on the movement of cargo at all stages of cargo transportation (tracking)


  • Selection, preparation and providing special vehicles for loading
  • Provision of packaging materials
  • Loading and stowage of cargo in the vehicle
  • Shipment in small or large batches
  • Optimal storage mode
  • Preparation of commodity and transport documentation
  • Organization of veterinary, phytosanitary and customs inspection
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance

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