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Multimodal Freight

Different transport, single responsibility.

Multimodal transportation is a set of services to organize the delivery of goods by two or more modes of transport using a network of logistics providers under a single freight forwarding contract. Combining the services of different carriers of air, ground or sea freight provides the optimal ratio of cost, transport route and delivery time, taking into account the nature of the cargo.

Dunyo Cargo within its own transport and logistics chain of multimodal transport will take full responsibility for fast, efficient and safe delivery of cargo, combining the advantages of each mode of transportation.

The product Dunyo multimodalCargo offers a competitive advantage in solving your logistic tasks, providing support both locally and internationally. We will provide professional coordination of each agent participating at all stages of cargo delivery.


  • Global network of partners consisting of leading 3PL and 4PL providers
  • Conections to the major transport hubs and logistics centers, including seaports, railway hubs and airports in Europe, Russia and Asia
  • Responsibility for the delivery of goods in accordance with the standard conditions for all countries and all agents under a single contract with the client
  • Online monitoring and cargo status reports
  • Customs brokerage support, customs transit and cargo release in the agreed customs mode
  • Storage, warehousing and repacking at all stages of delivery
  • Safe delivery of goods by established deadlines
  • Transparent pricing


  • Selection of the optimal combination of modes of transport
  • Selection of the right routings considering time and cost efficeincy
  • Coordination of conditions of transshipment, storage and handling at transport hubs, ports and terminals
  • Customs export-import and transit operations
  • Preparation of shipping documentation
  • Obtaining permits at all stages of cargo movement
  • Delivery of cargo in the “door to door” “door to port” and  “door to terminal” modes
  • Cargo insurance.

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