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Air Freight

We carry everything. In 220 countries worldwide.

Do you need to ship an urgent cargo from one point of the world to another as fast and reliable as possible? Dunyo Cargo will do it by air. We carry any kind of cargo with any shape and size, including equipment parts, dangerous goods, personal effects, live animals, valuable cargo, temperature sensitive and biomaterials and many more.

We offer the best transit time door to door delivery, all around the world. Dunyo airCargo is a full set air freight service from pick up to delivery, all along the entire route. Track and trace, pro-active SMS and e-mail status notifications and cargo insurance is available upon your request.       

The distance, time and complexity of the route is not a big issue anymore – we’ll move your cargo by the safest, shortest, cost effective and reliable way. You can trust our expertise – we are in cargo industry since 1994.



  • Global network
  • Access to the main global and regional aviation hubs on all continents
  • Transportation by first class carriers
  • Clear transit time
  • Maximum cargo safety
  • Full door-to-door service
  • Interactive tracking
  • Smart tracking: SMS & Email Notifications
  • Planning and monitoring in accordance with the Cargo iQ standards

Delivery options

  • Airport - Airport (ATA)
  • Door - to - door (DTD)
  • Airport - to door (ATD)
  • Door - to - Airport (DTA)

Additional services

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing and pre-packing of cargo, palletizing, cargo crating and labeling 
  • Preparation of the necessary cargo transport documents and permits
  • Terminal handling
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo insurance

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