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Dangerous Goods

Safe transportation of dangerous goods

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of packaging, labeling and transportation of dangerous goods can lead to loss of time, money, as well as irreversible consequences. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Transport Committee set global standards for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air (Dangerous Goods Regulations) and road transport (ADR), which are currently the only standards recognized by airlines and road carriers around the world.

Dangerous goods are products or substances that pose a threat to health, safety, property or the environment and which are dangerous in nature and pose a threat in themselves, without human intervention. Therefore, the transport of dangerous goods is a specifically challenging task that is not for everyone to shoulder and requires special knowledge, experience and qualifications of employees.

Dunyo Cargo offers a variety of solutions for transporting your dangerous goods in accordance with current ADR and IATA regulations, as well as accepted safety standards. This will ensure maximum reduction of risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods. Our company has all the necessary permits for the reception and handling of dangerous goods for transportation by air and road.


Dunyo expressDG Cargo - we recommended to use this option in all cases of dangerous goods shipment allowed for carriage in passenger aircraft. If we are talking about fast and reliable delivery - this option is the best choice. We can deliver your dangerous goods either to the recipient's door or to the destination airport, at your choice.


Dunyo airDG Cargo is a reasonable way to organize the airport-airport or door-to-door delivery of dangerous goods by a charter cargo aircraft.


Dunyo roadDG Cargo - recommended for larger and more bulky product shipments. The land transport is used for the transport of dangerous goods, when their air delivery is prohibited, but allowed in accordance with the rules of ADR.


Dunyo medicalDG Cargo is a specialized product designed for the rapid delivery of biological materials, including infectious substances of category A (UN number 2814, 2900 and 3291) and biological substances of category B (UN 3373), as well as dangerous goods temperature controlled using dry ice (UN No. 1845), time sensitive and cryogenic cargo. Standard service includes a door-to-door delivery solution, unless otherwise indicated.



  • Qualified dangerous goods personnel certified by IATA and ADR
  • Rich experience in the transport of dangerous goods
  • Availability of specialized packaging sets: certified packaging of various sizes, lables of all DG classes, absorbent material, materials for palletizing the package, etc.
  • Special warehouse equipped according to the requirements for the storage of dangerous goods

Dunyo DGCargo Services:

  • MSDS and related documents analysis
  • Assistance in qualifying dangerous goods for transportation
  • Advice on the selection of packaging sets and the method of packaging of dangerous goods, as well as the application of appropriate labeling
  • Preparation of the dangerous goods declaration
  • Checking out of requirements of export, transit and destination countries for dangerous goods
  • Checking out of carrier requirements for dangerous goods
  • Packaging and labeling of goods according to IATA DGR and ADR rules 
  • Short-term storage of dangerous goods in a specialized warehouse
  • Transportation of dangerous goods by air, road and charter transport.

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