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Oversized and Heavy

Delivery of oversized cargo from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

The delivery of oversized cargo by specialized transport is considered to be one of the most difficult and labor-intensive areas in contemporary logistics. A huge number of factors related to the choice of transportation method, routing, special vehicle, special equipment and technology of loading and unloading operations in compliance to the rules and regulations of transportation should be considered.

The main objective of our product Dunyo OversizedCargo is to organize the delivery of non-standard (large) cargo, taking into account all the risks in a particular logistics operation, both locally and internationally.



Our network of specialized partners in all key railway, transport and sea hubs is at your disposal.

We use modern special equipment for loading, unloading, transshipment of the most complex heavy and bulky goods.

We carry out all the necessary work to explore the route and route infrastructure directly from the sender to the recipient. For more than 20 years, Dunyo Cargo successfully participates with its partners in dealing with the transportation of large and heavy cargo. We guarantee that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound, and just in time.


We take care of all aspects of the delivery:

  • Detailed survey of the route and its infrastructure
  • Development of transport and technological map
  • Loading planning
  • Registration of necessary permits
  • Convoy arrangment
  • The provision of appropriate machinery
  • Calculation of axial loads and the organization of preparatory operational work
  • Design and manufacture of special mounts to ensure the safety of cargo
  • Delivery of oversized and heavy cargo by one or several modes of transport: rail, road, air and sea
  • Providing relevant information on the location of the goods at each stage of delivery.

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